About Us

The Lea County Event Center (LCEC) is a 167,000 square foot facility that provides premier

meeting space for over 75,000 residents in Lea County.  Conveniently located in Hobbs, New

Mexico, the LCEC is an excellent choice for conventions, meetings, concerts, special events and

more!  This versatile facility offers the community an opportunity to convene for the purpose of

learning, interacting, exhibiting, entertaining and more.


With several multipurpose areas, the LCEC provides a 6,071 fixed seating arena, a banquet hall

with three adjacent rooms accommodating up to 120 people per room and one small meeting

room that holds up to thirty people. The banquet rooms are designed to meet a wide variety of

needs including but not limited to: business meetings, seminars, banquets, dances, conventions

and trade shows.


The LCEC hosts about 50 events per month and is equipped to handle your unique event!

Contact us today at 575-391-2900 to plan your event.